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ER Doctors Are In A Unique Financial Position.

Your training taught you to handle anything that walks in the door. It probably didn’t teach you how to handle the money you make.


Student loans, mortgages, credit cards, oh my! How to optimize your debt.


Practice investing like you practice medicine: Evidence-Based.


Retire on your terms and still enjoy life today.


Keep your biggest expense as low as (legally) possible.

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How To Fill Out Form W-9 For 1099 Work

This post shows you how to fill out Form W-9 when you start a new 1099 engagement. Purpose Of Form When you start a new 1099 gig, they'll probably ask you to fill out IRS Form W-9, "Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification." No big deal. It's just...

Ways to Pay Tax on Your Locums Income

When you work locums, you're self employed and nobody is withholding taxes for you. The question is, how and when do you make your locum tenens tax payments? Read on to find out. Ways To Pay Tax On Your Locums Income There are three ways to pay tax on your locums...

Ways You Can Save Taxes As A Locums Doc

Here are three ways you can save taxes as a locums doc: keep good records, deduct all unreimbursed expenses, and maximize deductions related to self-employment. Keep Good Records Three reasons to keep good records: Capture all the deductions you’re entitled to. Reduce...

A Financial Advisor’s Role In Your Tax Picture

If you have a financial advisor, or are considering one, they should: Know taxes inside out. Be actively involved in your tax picture. MANY (if not most) financial advisors are neither. Below, we cover the tax expertise you should demand and the tax-related services...

Should I Do My Own Taxes?

Tax preparation must be done right, but it's less valuable than tax planning. This is because preparing your tax return just reports what already happened. You can do your own taxes or use an accountant. Below are comments on both routes. Bottom line: We recommend...

How to Avoid Tax Surprises on April 15th

Many docs wait anxiously for their tax return to be done. They have no idea if they'll owe, or how much. If they owe a lot, they scramble to come up with the cash, then worry the same thing will happen next year. This is especially common for doctors who work locum...

The 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes ER Doctors Make And Simple Ways To Solve Them


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