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Your training taught you to handle anything that walks in the door. It probably didn’t teach you how to handle the money you make.


Student loans, mortgages, credit cards, oh my! How to optimize your debt.


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Retire on your terms and still enjoy life today.


Keep your biggest expense as low as (legally) possible.

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Monitoring Financial Health: Total Term

What is Total Term? Total Term estimates the number of years you could live on your current net worth. Your net worth is everything you own (investments, house, cash, etc.) minus everything you owe (mortgage, student loans, etc.). Net Worth / Annual Living Expenses =...

Monitoring Financial Health: Tax Rate

What is Tax Rate? Tax Rate is a key indicator of your financial health. It's the percentage of your annual gross income that goes to taxes. Total Annual Taxes Paid / Total Personal Income = Tax Rate Example: Assume your annual income is $300K. If you pay $87,600 in...

How To Freeze Your Credit

Stop bad guys from getting loans in your name. Here's how to freeze your credit quickly and easily. Background There are three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Each one tracks your credit history and calculates a credit score. When you apply...

Investing Your HSA For Retirement

Investing your HSA for retirement means skipping the default cash account and investing in stocks instead. Here's how. Most HSA Money Is Not Invested Money in a Health Savings Account (HSA) goes into a risk-free cash account by default. This is because most people use...

How To Prevent A False Tax Return In Your Name

Having a false tax return filed in your name delays your refund and costs you time and energy. Here's how to prevent this quickly and easily. Background Someone who has your SSN can file a false tax return and claim a refund fraudulently. This is called taxpayer...

When Can You Withdraw From Your IRA?

When can you withdraw from your IRA?  This is really a three-part question: When can you withdraw? What tax will you owe? What penalty will you owe? See also our companion post: When can you withdraw from your 401(k)? When can you withdraw from your IRA? You can...

The 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes ER Doctors Make And Simple Ways To Solve Them


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